Jay MataJi. Happy Navratri

Jay MataJi.

Jay Mahakaali Maa

Navratri is a Hindu Festival that spans nine nights and is dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga. It usually falls in the autumn months of September Or October. In Hindu calendar, it is celebrated in Aasho Or Ashwin month. There are four Navratri in every year. And the Navratri in Ashwin month of Hindu calendar is called as Shaardiy Navratri.

Jay Tara Bhawani Maa

The word “Navratri” is derived from Sanskrit language. Nava means Nine and Ratri means Night. Navratri means Nine Nights. Each day of Navratri, a different form of Goddess Durga is celebrated. These forms are often associated with various aspects of the devine feminine.

In Gujarat region of Bharat(India) the dance form called Garba are performed by devotees of Maa Adhyashakti Maa Durga. Garba Is also a type of song sung during navratri to worship Maa Amba – Goddess Durga.

Navratri is a beautiful and culturally rich festival that honors the Goddess Durga and promotes the values of spirituality, togetherness and celebration.

Jay MataJi. Happy Navratri.

Jay Bhawani. Jay Ambe.

Jay Prakruti Shree Parvati Mata.


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