Birthday Balloons On Twitter

If you are an old user of the microblogging and social networking website Twitter then you already know about how your birthday celebrated on Twitter. And if you are a new on Twitter then see this screenshot of my profile :

When you visit your profile on your birthday Twitter launch some balloons on your profile. And that’s not all when you click on any of the balloon it will pop. LOL. This is really interesting feature of Twitter.


Basic Facebook Website

If you are a Facebook user and you are using daily to connect and share your status updates, photos and videos with your family and friends then you need to know about Facebook’s basic web version which is special for small screen mobile phone users.

Facebook is one of the top website on the internet. More than billion people are using Facebook everyday. There are main 4 ways to use Facebook : 1). Facebook Website, 2). Facebook Mobile Website, 3). Facebook Mobile Application and 4). Basic Mobile Facebook Website.

The basic website of FB which I am talking about is less popular but very useful. You can access it from any web browser application. What happen if you want to use Facebook and you have slow internet speed? The application will takes more time to load. Then at that time the Basic mobile version website of Facebook is very cool way to use. Yes. You can do almost all things on this web version as you can do on mobile web version. These both mobile versions are different. But this basic version is a light version website. You can do activities like writing or reading posts, seeing photos, watching videos, sharing your photos and videos, commenting on friends’ or groups’ posts, adding stickers in comments, sending messages(you can’t chat live like messenger application but still you can send messages to anyone), managing your business or personal pages, managing your groups etc.

So here is the link of Facebook Basic Version :

Enjoy The Facebook.

Enjoy The Web. ?